Local Dentist Whitens Teeth, Helps Raise $36 Million For Childrens’ Charities

Dr. Jay Shires is helping children in need—one smile at a time. This spring and summer, as part of the Crown Council’s Smiles for Life campaign, Dr. Shires offered teeth whitening services at a significantly reduced price, and donated 100 percent of the proceeds to help children facing serious health and educational problems. 

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A Brighter Smile

A brighter smile is possible through a variety of means, depending on the patient’s specific needs and diagnosis.  Predictability of any dental treatment depends highly on understanding how the teeth became discolored, patient expectation, level of oral hygiene and food and drinking habits.  A change in the esthetics of one’s smile exponentially heightens self-concept and confidence.

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Dr. Shires' Charity Donations

Dr. Shires has donated professional teeth bleaching packages to both the Make a Wish Foundation and the Special Olympics. Teeth whitening is Dr. Shires' most commonly requested procedures among patients, and Dr. Shires is happy to play a role in donating to these charities.

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